4 Ways to be More Mindful

4 Ways to be More Mindful

Do something you love.

One of the easiest ways I find to be mindful is to do something I really enjoy. Something that makes me feel good. An activity that helps me escape from thinking about tomorrow or reminiscing about yesterday. I have a few things I like to do that come to mind.

Spend time in nature.

I LOVE to spend time in nature just taking pictures of anything and, sometimes, everything around me. I'll typically start with a landscape-like scene and before I know it, I'm taking macro shots of leaves, flowers or even bugs. Having that camera in front of me helps me focus on what I'm seeing in an way nothing else can. I look deeper into the natural elements of what I'm shooting and nothing is on my mind except capturing the beauty.

Craft something up.

I wrote about this topic once already which you can read here. But crafting really helps me focus on the task at hand and so therefore I'm focusing on the moment and not the future or past. One of the most mindful moments in terms of relaxation and just doing something without much thought is painting the backgrounds of my hand-painted signs. Anytime, I can paint a solid color on something and don't have to think about it much, I find myself just relaxing in the moment. So, needless to say, making these adorable little "pumpkins" was pretty enjoyable as well.

Move that bod!

I know many of you are like...nope...next. You don't have time. You don't have the energy. You don't have the ambition. And believe me...I totally get it! I haven't been on a regular work-out routine for almost a year and a half I do believe. I just recently started up again. The easiest way for me to workout and have it be pretty mindless is to pop a workout DVD in and just follow along. I just have to do what they tell me. I get a half hour to an hour of not having to think about anything except the moves I'm making. And when I'm done...honestly, I feel like a new person. The endorphins are pulsing through my body and I feel whole, connected, free. It may not last all day but even if it's only a few hours that I feel less stress, that's a win for me and my body. My new favorite workout: CIZE by Beachbody. Oh my gosh...is that fun! If you like to dance, I highly recommend you check it out.

What do you like to do that helps you to be mindless? What helps you be in the moment?

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