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Letter from the owner:

As I approached mid-forties, I found myself at a crossroads, reflecting on the journey of my life so far and the countless twists and turns it had taken me on. Just like many other women out there. I had gone through various challenges, from dealing with generalized anxiety, raising children, letting those children go as they headed out of the home to create their own lives, love and loss, hating my job, loving it, and then hating it again, moving multiple times, marriage, separation, and reconciliation. But through all these experiences, I learned to manage anxiety, live in the moment, and love more deeply than I ever dreamed possible.

One of the biggest things that brings peace to my soul is spending time outdoors. I love hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, and all the other outdoor activities that allow me to surround myself with the waves of an ocean, the trees of a forest, and the flames of a fire. I grew up in the country, riding my bike on dirt roads, hiking up hills with my sister for picnics. I made pottery for my grandparents out of mud and dried flowers. I was outside as much as possible! That’s where my love for nature began.

However, as I became an adult raising children in my twenties and thirties, I practically lost who I was. I focused so much on raising a family and doing everything they wanted/needed, I forgot (and often refused out of guilt) to focus on myself and what I wanted or needed. I lost who I was at the core. I knew something was lacking but didn’t realize exactly what until I spent time alone, journaling, drawing, hiking, biking and taking walks. Slowly and bit by bit, I began to remember who I was and create new dreams for myself to work toward. 

I believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to be truly who they were born to be. One way of discovering this is by choosing to live with more courage, joy, and peace. Some things you’ll need to do to live your authentic life are scary but you must do them anyway. Push past the fear! Do it scared!

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That's why I started Gatherwood Adventures, a company that creates nature-inspired products for women that love spending time outdoors and desire to find more courage, joy and peace in their lives. As a graphic designer, my outdoor apparel and accessories are specifically designed with women and sustainability in mind, and are intended to inspire you to feel good about yourself and encourage you to get out there and do what you love.

By purchasing from Gatherwood Adventures, you’ll be supporting a woman-owned business that wants to help women discover their most adventurous selves through courage, peace, hope, and joy.

Thank you for being here. Now get out there and DISCOVER MORE YOU!

With love, joy and extra strong coffee, I wish you the very best!

Jodi Herman
Designer & Owner, Gatherwood Adventures

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