A Girl's Weekend at Geneva on the Lake

A Girl's Weekend at Geneva on the Lake

What can I say about Geneva on the Lake? I'd preface to say there were good and not-so-good discoveries. Kind of like most trips. But spending time with your girls far outweighs any of the negatives. (Or at least it should. If it doesn't, you may need new friends.) ;)

girls trip group of women at winery

We rented a VRBO which I'm not sure I can recommend at this time. While it was right on the lake (which is why we rented it) and that was wonderful, it was located right next to a bar that had a band playing oldee music each night, and well, I didn't love it. In fact, when my friends asked me directly, "Jodi, you don't like this music, do you?" I gave a thoughtful moment, and responded, "I kinda hate it." We all burst out laughing.

lake erie beach

The rental was also dated and in need of repairs. The only AC was a single unit which sat in the kitchen so it didn't really reach the bedrooms. And speaking of the bedrooms...this is the real kicker. None of us really realized until we got there that there were only 2 full-size beds and a very old 70s-style sofa to sleep on. Since there were 5 of us staying together, that meant most of us had to have a spooning partner. LOL. I kid. I kid. Or do I? ;) I will say the building has brand new owners so hopefully they'll be making upgrades soon! I do have to say having breakfast on the deck every morning was a dream.

coffee and croissant on deck by lake erie

So even though the building itself wasn't great, it was awesome being right on the lake and being close enough to Geneva on the Lake that we were able to rent a golf cart and drive it there. I was asked by the group to be the driver and driving that cart was the highlight of the weekend for me!

jodi driving golf cart

I loved driving us all around on the streets, off the streets, through yards and paths I'm certain we weren't suppose to be on. Not to mention fitting 5 grown-ass women on a golf cart for 4. It was most entertaining. The women in the back loved staring directly into the eyes of the drivers behind us because we could only go so fast before the cart would start swaying back and forth. While nerve-racking, it was so fun and totally worth it!

Our first evening, we had dinner at the bar next door to our rental, the one with the music I didn't love. Then we just hung out and played a get-to-know-you sort of game. A "do you remember a time when..." type of game and that was a blast. The group of women I went with are newer friends. We started taking trips together a few years ago and have taken at least one per year since and we always have the best time together!

games to get to know friends

The next day, we went on a wine tour. A tour of our own with me driving. I have to say the wineries around Geneva are AHHH-mazing! They're so beautiful. I can't attest to the wine itself since I wasn't drinking but I heard great things. But the landscaping and the buildings were just impeccably taken care of and many were unique like a reformed church, or a remodeled barn. I really enjoyed taking video of all of the grounds while we visited. I can't say enough great things about the wineries!

church winery in ohio

That evening, we visited Geneva on the Lake which is when we took the golf cart mentioned above. And to be totally honest, I expected it to be nicer. I've been hearing about people taking trips there for ages and it always sounded so nice but once I was there, I was kind of underwhelmed. Basically, it's a strip of shops and bars and places to get food. And while that's all fun, it just seemed a little run-down to me. I was surprised. I still had a lot of fun because I was with the girls and we can have fun anywhere so I'm not saying, don't go...I'm just saying don't have too high expectations. Lower them if you will. LOL. We did have some great ice cream! And that's a must-have for me on any trip!

group of girls at gotl sign geneva on the lake

ice cream at geneva on the lake

Sunday morning, we packed up and headed to brunch in downtown Geneva. We went to a place called Honeybees and it was really good! It's an old-fashion style breakfast restaurant and they know what they're doing. Our waitress was super kind and funny! I would hang out with her any day! I definitely recommend checking them out!

girls at honeybees in geneva ohio

After brunch, we headed back to the rental to grab our stuff and be on our way. My friend, Tinukwa, rode home with me and we chatted the entire way. She and I can talk for HOURS. Which is so cathartic, you know?

So, when was the last time you took a girl's trip? While we all love our partners and families, getting away from them can be so good for us. And getting away with friends is good for the soul! Get out there and create an adventure filled with the goods, the not-so-goods and everything in between. These are the moments that matter. ❤️

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