Why I Love Spending Time in Nature

Why I Love Spending Time in Nature

I get antsy during the colder seasons of the year. And I'll admit it, maybe even a little cranky. I don't mean to. I have a hard time dealing with cold weather. I'm a fair weather type. I love summer...the warmth of the sun, no jacket, flip flops, even humidity. I know, weird. It's just who I am. So during the months of September and October, if it's warm and sunny, I want nothing but to be outside. I want to soak it all up. Before it's gone. Although I love summer time, I'm not sure there's anything more beautiful than the sunshine pouring through a crispy, yellow-orange, fall tree swaying in the wind. It excites me. Invigorates me.

Where I live, there are miles of trails to explore in different parks. Though we know them pretty well, there's always more to see. That's something I adore about nature. It's always changing and growing and if upon first glance everything seems the same, just look closer. Give some attention to the details on the ground. The moss growing on roots. The acorns spread about. The holes in fallen trees where I imagine animals chase one another and take harbor.


I believe nature is our ticket to connecting with the earth and with our higher selves. Every time I leave the forest, a park or the beach, I leave more at peace than I'd been all day. I hope you're able to get out and experience the sun dappling through the trees before the cool weather is upon us once more.

Enjoy these days, my friends. They are limited.

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